The Drunkards

‘The Drunkards’ were a comedy group with a very long and undistinguished history – see Gary Mitchell’s Previous Life.

They featured Andy Batchelor, Harry Holland, Graham King and Gary Mitchell. The group currently has no plans to reform, and Gary is the designated ‘keeper of the flame’.

Something ‘new’ for the 40th anniversary in November 2016 was ‘Henley High School Musical’. Gary and Andy both made new contributions, and the book remains available, as is the charity soundtrack CD…

All the group’s old recordings have been remastered – and some re-envisioned – to create marketable versions of the ‘original’ cassette tapes the lads used to pass around, back in the day. Expect some surprises during these staggered (mostly charity) releases…

For further information please open this PDF The Drunkards Estate.

For available recordings please visit Charity Offers and Recordings.


For similarly re-jigged print works visit Pre-Publication Novels.

Check out The Mark Sainsbury Band. Mark was there with us at Henley High and says it all better than we can – the studio version of this track is to die for 🙂

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