The Algorithm Section

Now at a cinema near you… Informational PDF here The Algorithm Section.

The group have been assisted on their recent endeavours by Lisa Andrews and Teri Jackmum.

We promise some NSFW, non-radio friendly, edgy material on CD that may shock your granny… But also some that’s ‘radio friendly’ – on here for public consumption. I mean, think of the children…

We were on Tim Weeks’ show for BBC Radio Wiltshire on 15th July 2021, promoting or first album, ‘Recollections May Differ…’

Here’s our first finished item ‘Holmes Alone’ – which won’t offend anyone (we’ll do better next time, promise).

We’ve quite a bit in the can now, pending our second release, coming soon to a cinema near you. So here’s a second ‘The Bell’.

For available recordings please visit RecordingsAvailable as a CD and as a download

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