‘Warlords Of Stoke Newington’ (1982)


2020 edited and remastered version of original 1982 double C.60 soundtrack album – plus 1982 material – all on two CDs. See ‘Previous Life Page’.



TRACK LISTING: CD1 GARY MITCHELL Warlords Of Stoke Newington – An Introduction 2) THE INCURABLE ROMANTICS Exhibition 3) LIBRARIANS IN SPACE Waste Your Licence Fee 4) THE CAST Roman Floor Tiles 5) GARY MITCHELL Tears Before Bedtime 6) MITCHELL & LAMBSDOWN Reincarnation 7) LIBRARIANS IN SPACE Are You Loathesome Tonight? 8) MITCHELL & SMITH Fantasy Corner 9) HARRY HOLLAND Mixed Infants Sports Day 10) THE INCURABLE ROMANTICS Target For Tonight 11) THE SO-CALLED PROGRAMME Bread 12) GARY MITCHELL The Tuma 13) LIBRARIANS IN SPACE Doris Fumes And The Russian Revolution 14) MITCHELL & LAMBSDOWN Talking In The Canteen 15) MITCHELL & SMITH Knight Time – Or How St. George Got Struck Off 16) GRAHAM & TINA KING Naughty Novelist 17) GARY MITCHELL Ernie – The Fastest Milkman In The West 18) THE CAST Piece From The Archives CD2 1) LIBRARIANS IN SPACEUp Your Cul De Sac 2) THE CAST A Reader’s True Confession (Parts 1 And 2) 3) LIBRARIANS IN SPACE Can’t Help Rattling My Chains At You 4) MITCHELL & LAMBSDOWN Cars 5) GARY MITCHELL Since I Met You 6) THE INCURABLE ROMANTICS Buying Contraceptives 7) GRAHAM & TINA KING Lovely Couple 8) THE INCURABLE ROMANTICS How Not To Interview A Politician 9) HARRY HOLLAND The House Of Commons Cleaner 10) LIBRARIANS IN SPACE Shakespeare’s Birmingham 11) THE CAST Confusing Isn’t It? 12) THE INCURABLE ROMANTICS The Ancient Civilisations Of Birmingham 13) LIBRARIANS IN SPACE Human Part 14) GARY MITCHELL The Temptation Of St. Kevin 15) MITCHELL & SMITH The First Time 16) LIBRARIANS IN SPACE Panorama – World War Three Special 17) THE INCURABLE ROMANTICS The Unknown Soap Opera
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