The Witches of Kings Oak (2016)


Lightly drawing upon a shared Warwickshire background, this decidedly ‘naughty’ novel – rated '18' – is the story of the witches of the (fictional) 1980’s English Midlands coven of Kings Oak – which explains all the ‘Crossroads’ references!

Librarian Susan Pringle’s search for a new ‘Witchmaster’ to guide and lead her coven results in upheaval and death for the witches of Kings Oak and their congregation – as their quest to contact the one-true Goddess leads to both ‘dark magic’ unleashed and to a new hope of positive future ‘healing…’

Co-written with Pamela Seward, this is a very ‘adult’ novel and can be considered a prequel to 'Atlantic Writer’s Forum' member Jayne Austin’s ‘That Easter’ and Austin & Seward’s ‘The Maiden’s Tale’ and is part of Gary’s contribution to ‘The Atlantic Writers Forum’).

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