The New Forest Pit Ponies – ‘Three Legged Cross’ (2012)


The long awaited proper debut album – as in made in a big factory in large numbers not in Ms Cruel's garage on her PC!!!

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Set The Sat Nav For The Dark Side Of The Sun 2) The Ladette Anthem 3) I Need The Loo 4) The House Of The Rising Sun 5) 4 X 4 Mums 6) Thatcher’s Children 7) Gastric Band (Demo For Seti Tweed) 8) God save Olde England 9) Nicola (Long Version) 10) Purple Haze 11) A Day In The Life 12) BONUS MATERIAL BUFFER TRACK 13) Positively Acacia Avenue (Live At Glastonbury – Duet with Bob Dillon) 14) Rude Words (Duet with Ali Lillian) 15) Court A Young Maiden (Duet with Troy Featherweather) 16) A Song For Europe (WIP Demo)
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