The New Forest Pit Ponies – ‘Reg’ (2013)


The long awaited ‘rock opera’ – in aid of Comic Relief 2013. See also The New Forest Pit Ponies .

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Track listing: 1) Simon’s Concept Album 2) Simon’s Collapsed Ego (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 3) BLANK BUFFER TRACK 4) Reg (Overture) 5) Stream of Conscience 6) Reg (Next Bit) 7) Mr Dobson 8) Reg (First Middle Bit) 9) Cybergirl 10) Reg (Second Middle Bit) 11) Rock Hobbit 12) Reg (Coda) 13) BLANK BUFFER TRACK 14) Nicola Leaves 15) Reaction To Nicola Leaving (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 16) We’ll Meet Again
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