The Drunkards – ‘Interregnum’ (c.1982)


‘…the album they made whilst disbanded’. Enhanced and augmented sundry early 1980’s recordings; dropped in aid of 'Comic Relief'.



TRACK LISTING:1) Disco Driving 2) Lovely Couple 3)The Hurdy Gurdy Man 4) Ernie – The Fastest Milkman In The West 5) An Obtuse, Unseen, Ordeal 6) Falling In Love Again 7) Cars 8) A Hard Rail Strike (Collaborative Remix) 9) Community Dynamics 10) I’m In The Mood For Dancing 11) Mixed Infants Sports Day 12) Playwright’s Son (Demo) 13) Target For Tonight 14) The Temptation Of St. Kevin 15) The House Of Commons Cleaner 16) Industrial Seminar (DV) 17) Naughty Novelist 18) Rio Tamar 19) Reincarnation 20) The Tuma (Megamix) 21) Talking In The Canteen 22) Politics Apology
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