The Drunkards – ‘Drunk Again?’ (c.1980 / 2021)


The fallow recording years at the end of the decade. In aid of 'Children In Need'



TRACK LISTING: THE DRUNKARDS SHOW – EPISODE 15 – ‘ALEA IACTA EST’ 1) The Drunkards Show (Intro) 2) Margerine Pubs – The Stars And You (Psychodelic Remake) 3) Waiting 4) Jesus Of Nazareth Strikes Again 5) Confusion 6) Laughter, The Best Medicine 7) Nuclear Winter (from ‘After The War Is Over’) 8) Devolution Special 9) Towering Earthquake ‘77 10) Party Political Broadcast 11) The Die Is Cast 12) Campaign For The Legalisation Of Alcohol (Radio Version) 13) Doctor Sketch 14) You’ll Always Find Me In the Kitchen At Parties 15) The Drunkards Show (Outro) 16) BLANK BUFFER TRACK (go make a nice cup of tea) THE DRUNKARDS SHOW – EPISODE 16 – ‘CLIP SHOW’ 17) The Drunkards Show (Intro) 18) A Tribute To Stratford Pictures 19) First Joke 20) House Brick Owner’s Manual 21) The Drunkards Show (Outro) 22) BLANK BUFFER TRACK (go make another nice cup of tea) 23) BONUS TRACK The Sound Of Silence (WITH PAMELA SEWARD)
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