The Drunkards – ‘Beyond A Joke’ (1987)


Over an hour of music, comedy and poetry on one CD. The original 1987 sessions from Warwickshire's finest, remastered and 'cleaned' for CD in an abbreviated version of the '87 cassette release. Includes giveaway photosheet. Parental advisory' due to colourful language. In aid of 'Comic Relief'.

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Profile 2) Conversation 3) Court A Young Virgin 4) Breakout 5) Coutroom Sketch 6) Old Jokes 7) Content In Wonder 8) Commercial Break 9) Couple Arguing Sketch 10) Fever 11) Talking To God 12) Raid 13) And They Call It Yuppie Love 14) Job Description 15) The Ballad Of The Wogler’s Mouley 16) The Motorist’s Mental Universe 17) Wedding Photos 18) Pet Shop Gag 19) Torture Advisor 20) Sheep 21) Salesman 22) Terrorist Outrage 23) Metamorphosis In Indigo! 24) Crematorium 25) Tim The Gekko 26) Nothing’s Happening – Yet! 27) Food Squad 28) To Be Repeated As Necessary 29) New Jokes 30) Explorer’s Club 31) How To Go Metric 32) Sick Man Blues 33) Escort Agency 34) Yet Another Sketch Set In A Public House Somewhere In England
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