The Drunkards – ‘Archaeological Evidence – The ‘Lost’ 1978 Album’ (2024) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION


The ‘lost’ 1978 album, reconstructed for The Drunkards’ Estate, under the auspices of Jack Peterson’s Trigger Studios. Sold in aid of 'Target Ovarian Cancer'. If you require a hard copy version please email us.



CONTENTS: 1) Up Your Mother Next Door Makes Five – A Typical Situation Comedy 2) Inside the House 3) Sex Education 4) Observed: Anomalies 5) With the Spurs 6) God Job 7) NATO Hire 8) Self-Regenerating Monotony 9) Let’s Write A Radio 2 Situation Comedy Series 10) Tubetrain ‘78 11) Gossip 12) Frogs 13) Women Trouble
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