The Drunkards – ‘1977 – The Highlights Of ‘Recorded Highlights’ (1978)


2010 compilation. In 1978 The Drunkards entered a new phase in their development. With regular recording no longer practicable the group produced the immense, sprawling, double cassette ‘Recorded Highlights’ – 2 X C.90s for those who remember such things. Now biographer Pamela Seward presents the best of that material. Mono recordings from 1976 have been ruled out, as have cover versions, all later remixes, overdubs and archival releases. The CD you now hold in your hand is therefore as close as you can get to having been there… without drinking eight pints and staggering around the Warwickshire lanes late at night. See 'The Drunkards Estate Page’. 'Parental advisory'!

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TRACK LISTING: 1) A Day in Stratford 2) Ted Sprocket Interviewing God 3) Blue Peter 4) The Careers Interview Sketch 5) This Is Your Life 6) Claws 7) The Beatles Sketch 8) The Undertaker Sketch 9) Disco Implosion! 10) The News 11) Party Piece 12) Star Trek 13) Spot The Whiteman! 14) Defence Cuts 15) A Night At The Opera 16) The Ted Sprocket Interview – Space 1999 1/2 17) The Sluicegate Tapes 18) Australia 19) Newsbeat 20) Backward
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