The Algorithm Section – ‘Tales From A Simpler Time’ (2021) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION


A second hour of sketches in cutting edge comedy from Archie Andrews, Gary Mitchell and Jonathan Russell. Expect some colourful language and explicit references, the team are assisted by Lisa Andrews, Anne Lydon and Teri Jackmum…



CONTENTS: 1) Arrival 2) The Sermon 3) The Trial 4) All Our Yesterdays, Pt 1 5) A Star Is Born 6) Apology 7) All Our Yesterdays, Pt 2 8) Temptation 9) Holmes In Hospital 10) Deathectomy 11) Disney Bit 12) The Meeting 13) Parental Concern 14) Full Board 15) Watching The Detectives 16) Practically Perfect 17) Will In NYC 18) The Agency 19) The Announcement 20) The Interview 21) Teri’s Triumph

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