Radio Boscombe – ‘Live At ‘Hope FM’ – Vol 4′ (2011)


Yet yet another collection of improv, sketches and comedy classic covers! See Radio Boscombe page.

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Track listing: 1) George Gets Gender 2) Death Of Adelade 3) ‘Politics Slot #3’ with Tory Marginal 4) Constitutional Peasants 5) Phone Hack Media Studies 6) Defence Cuts 7) Charming Rap 8) Party Hints 9) George’s Super-Injunction 10) ‘Politics Slot #4’ with Tory Marginal 11) Wonders Of The Universe 12) Updated Class Sketch 13) Cheryl Cole Interview (WITH ELVIS DID NOT STAR IN THIS PRODUCTION) 14) Travel Agent Sketch 15) Why Men Are Never Depressed 16) FIFA Interview 17) The Boys Are Back In Town 18) Nine Words Women Use 19) ‘Politics Slot #5’ with Tory Marginal 20) Feminism In Media Studies
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