Radio Boscombe – ‘Live At ‘Hope FM’ – Vol 3′ (2011)


Yet another collection of improv, sketches and comedy classic covers! See Radio Boscombe page.

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Track listing: 1) ‘Mastermind’ Sketch 2) Angry Poet Vs Anthony Fairweather (WITH ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER) 3) Gordon Brown’s Letter From Grodonstoun 4) Survey 5) Angry Poet On Cornwall 6) Buzz Phrase Generator 7) Phone Call 2 8) Angry Poet Vs OOPS (WITH ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER) 9) News Items 10) Interview 11) ‘Politics Slot #1’ with Tory Marginal (WITH ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER) 12) Halloween 13) Scrooge Song 14) ‘Politics Slot #2’ with Tory Marginal 15) Angry Poet On Xmas
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