Radio Boscombe – ‘Who’s That Fish…’ (1988)


The Fourth Radio Boscombe album. Remastered version of the original 1988 cassette album. 2020 re-masters by Barry The Hedgehog, Kitz Prickle and Jezza The Red Squirrel. See Radio Boscombe Page .



TRACK LISTING: 1) The Clipboard Mafia 2) Treaty 3) The Clothes Programme 4) Career Move (Live From The Royal Command Performance 1988) 5) I Should Be So Lucky 6) Aerosols 7) A Day In The Life Of An Ex-RADA Student 8) Poll Tax Time 9) Wood Green Shopping City 10) Cobbers 11) Nescoffee 12) Meaningful Love Song 13) The Neville Chamberlain Story
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