Radio Boscombe – ‘The Voices In Our Heads’ (2010)


First new studio album in two years. Not 'parental advisory' – totally 'radio friendly'. See Radio Boscombe Page .

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Teen 4 2) Downfall, Part II 3) Naturewatch 4) Simon Says 5) Double Booked 6) Women’s Glower (Remake) 7) Pride And Sensibility 8) What Are You Really Thinking? 9) Royal Progress 10) St Trinian’s School Song (Live) 11) Football Intolerance 12) Downfall, Part III 13) An Average Day At The United Nations 14) BLANK BUFFER BEFORE BONUS TRACKS 15) Waste Your Licence Fee II (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 16) The State Extension Of ‘Livewire Live’ (Live On ‘Hope FM’)
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