Radio Boscombe – ‘The One Where George Is On A Break…’ (2014)


A wee bit 'parental advisory' – generally 'radio friendly. See Radio Boscombe Page .



Track listing: 1) George’s Sabbatical 2) Hospital Sketch 3) Celebrity Arrest 4) Paul’s Dilemma 5) Seasonwatch 6) Sermon On The Mountie 7) Hail Mary, Murphy Milkman 8) A Book At Bathtime 9) Fifty Shades Of Chocolate 10) Hail Mary, Alice Cakes 11) I’m Not Sorry by Tory Marginal 12) Headteacher 13) Taylor Slow Record Ad (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 14) Interview With Tory Marginal (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 15) R U Insured 4 Sex 16) Literature 17) Gossipy Bitch 18) Maths Chef (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 19) Exam Debrief 20) Hail Mary, German Sorry 21) EL James Does Bosworth 22) Army Sketch 23) Internet Porn BLANK BUFFER TRACK BEFORE BONUS 24) Academy Blues 25) An Obituary For Common Sense

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