Radio Boscombe – ‘The Last Hurrah’ (1989)


The Sixth and final Radio Boscombe album – and all music. Remastered version of the original 1989 cassette album. 2020 re-masters by Barry The Hedgehog, Kitz Prickle and Jezza The Red Squirrel. Website: Radio Boscombe




TRACK LISTING: 1) Railman Blues 2) I’m A Catholic 3) My Sweet Lord 4) Acid Flat Disco 5) He’s A Goldfish (A Teen Ballad) 6) Pop Show (It’s the Gin) 7) Where Are We Now? (Pts 1 And 2) 8) Meaningful Love Song ‘89 9) The Fall Of The British Empire 10) This Time I Know It’s Surreal 11) House Of the Rising Sun 12) The First Time I Dun It 13) Anarchy For Bournemouth 14) Electric Juice 15) Death 16) Dance Myself Silly 17) Angel Of The Weekend 18) Sixties Guitar Song (With Profound Lyrics)
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