Radio Boscombe – ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (2011)


Not 'parental advisory' – totally 'radio friendly' – George won't let Gary and Laura be rude! See Radio Boscombe Page .

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Living In The Past 2) Updated Class Sketch (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 3) Adelade 4) First Draft 5) Romeo & Juliet – The Abridged Limerick For Dummies 6) Charming Rap (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 7) Clearseal Elvira 8) The Holiday Show 9) Father And Son 10) I’m A PC 11) Why, Why, Why Mien Fuhrer! 12) Weather Report 13) Wonders Of The Universe (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 14) My Super-Dooper Sweet Sixteen 15) Txt Spk 16) Results Day 17) Romeo & Juliet – The Abridged Limerick By The RSC 18) Trafalgar Road (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 19) Titanic High School Musical Fridges Glee Club 20) BLANK BUFFER BEFORE BONUS TRACKS 21) Bournemouth Airport (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 22) Survey (Live On ‘Hope FM’)
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