Radio Boscombe – ‘Live At ‘Hope FM’ – Vol 8′ (2017)


Yeti nother collection of improv, sketches and comedy classic covers! See Radio Boscombe page.



Track listing: 1) BBC 4 Simulcast 2) Tory Marginal Discuses The Forthcoming Election (WITH ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER) 3) Can I Come, Dance My Pain Away? 4) Loz’ EBay 5) Tory Marginal On The New Labour Leader 6) Flatmate From Hell 7) Angie O’Gram 8) Cyber Troll 9) Archaeology 10) Bob Monkhouse Jokes 11) Polish Tea 12) Freeverse Pasta 13) Tory Marginal On Brexit 14) Barry’s Homework 15) Chump (WITH ANDREW WHITE)
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