Radio Boscombe – ‘How Can You Hate Them ??’ (2008)


This 17th and latest set featues line-up #12 – with George and Pixie joining the team. Seventy minutes of all new material – including live takes our radio broadcasts. See Radio Boscombe Page .

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Second Life 2) The Analyst (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 3) Air Rage 4) Mock Tudor 5) An Average Day In Parliament 6) Carry On, Pontiff 7) Barely Legal Magistrates 8) The Jermaine Recoil Show, Ep. 3 9) Daily Applications Of Algebra In Later Life 10) Earthquake 11) Conspiracy Theory 12) The New Forest Pit Ponies BONUS TRACKS: 13) No Hope FM (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 14) AFC Bournemouth (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 15) Tribute To ‘Livewire Live’
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