Radio Boscombe – ‘Greatest (Musical) Hits’ (2004)


The inevitable compilation! Over an hour of the best comic music from the groups incarnations before our interregnum, on one CD. Includes giveaway 'family tree' photosheet. 'Parental advisory' due to occasional colourful language. See Radio Boscombe Page .

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Railman Blues 2) Knowing You, Knowing Me 3) Middle Class Hero 4) I’m A Catholic 5) Bat Out Of Hull 6) Sing Something Sinful 7) The Town Planner’s Lament 8) Acid Flat Disco 9) Jesus Blues 10) The Long Intro 11) This Time I Know It’s Surreal 12) I Married A Creature From Outer Space 13) I’d Rather Watch Bricks 14) Married Man Blues 15) Meaningful Love Song 16) Napoleon Rap 17) I’m Every Hamster 18) Where Are We Now? (Pts 1 And 2) 19) Complicated Girl 20) L.A. L.A. The American Way (Demo) 21) Dance Myself Silly 22) Undergrad Blues 23) He’s A Goldfish (A Teen Ballad) 24) I’ve Been Through It All (Unplugged) 25) Spanish Melody 26) Don’t Talk To Me About Comebacks 27) Pop Show (It’s The Gin) 28) House Of The Rising Sun 29) Bimbo Rap 30) Sixties Guitar Song (With Profound Lyrics)
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