Radio Boscombe – ‘Do Not Adjust Your Brain’ (1996) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION


A special downloadable version of our original cassette release. An hour of musical, sketch and poetic comedy from the last line-up before our interrugnum – and as featured on BBC Radio. 'Parental advisory' due to colourful language. See Radio Boscombe Page .

Includes bonus material previously unavailable (as they say) on the original cassette version



TRACK LISTING: 1) Jesus Loves You ? 2) Spoons 3) Director’s Box 4) Hollywood Shuffle 5) Carol I 6) Books 7) Tommy’s Fancy Dress 8) Eurosceptics 9) This Little Piggy 10) Jane Austen 11) Goodbye Mom 12) Bournemouth Baywatch 13) The Ultimate Gadget 14) I’ve Been Through It All (Unplugged) 15) Hospital Radio 16) The Lanky And Prudence Breakfast Show 17) Berliner 18) Football News 19) Grandma 20) Weathermen 21) Movie 22) Carol II 23) Euroscpetics II 24) Born In the UK 25) Carol Van Karr’s World Of The Unexplained 26) The Job Interview Sketch 27) Goodbye BONUS TRACKS: 28) The Big Bad Wolf 29) Napoleon Rap 30) L.A. L.A. The American Way (Demo) 31) Lessons From A 21st Century Woman
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