Radio Boscombe – ‘Can’t Get a Girl !’ (2008)


This 16th set takes its name from the fact we were short an actress! Over an hour of all new material – as featured on our radio broadcasts. See Radio Boscombe Page .

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Glad To Be Grey 2) Shower 3) New Boyfriend 4) Minister For England 5) Field Trip 6) The Jermaine Recoil Show, Ep.1 7) Man-Tiques Road Show 8) Briefing 9) Mr Theo Deville 10) Radio Ad 11) Support Group 12) Revenge Of The Middle-Aged Nurd 13) Wales Today 14) Latvia 15) New One 16) Ashes To Ashes 17) Medium Wave Ecology BONUS TRACKS: 18) Westover Grand Prix (Live on ‘Hope FM’) 19) Advertiser Back Page (Live on ‘Hope FM’)
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