Radio Boscombe – ‘Big Fred In the Jungle’ (1987)


The Third Radio Boscombe album. Remastered version of the original 1987 cassette album. 2020 re-masters by Barry the Hedgehog, Kitz Prickle and Jezza The Red Squirrel. Over an hour and a half of material. See Radio Boscombe Page .



TRACK LISTING: 1) Thatcher Is Innocent 2) Two Northern Housewives 3) Ringwood 4) Courier Sketch 5) Mission Impossible 6) Talking To God 7) I Love Music 8) Touch Me, Touch Me, I Want It Now 9) Afternoon Bonus 10) At Home With Mr And Mrs Penn 11) Pro-Celebrity Open-Heart Surgery 12) Hackney British Legion Choral Workshop 13) Car Accident 14) Pop Choice 15) More Bloody EastEnders 16) Ratings 17) Hey Yeah Wow 18) Treasure Hunt 19) National Emergency 20) No way Out 21) We Were At School Together 22) Professional Foul 23) Depression 24) Happy Ever After 25) Customs Sketch 26) The Long Intro
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