Radio Boscombe – ‘Beta Canon’ (2023)


A compilation of items previously only available on compilations… All proceeds to 'Comic Relief'.



CONTENTS: 1) Election 2) Constitutional Peasants (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 3) Brexit In America by SuperTrump 4) Edward VIII, Act 2, Scene 1 5) Travel Agent Sketch (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 6) Exit From Brexit 7) Glastonbury 8) Flying Sheep (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 9) House Of The Rising Sun (Live) 10) GDPR 11) James Bond In ‘Twenty Is Plenty’ (Live On ‘Hoe FM’) 12) Mice Men (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 13) Police 6 14) The Restaurant Sketch (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 15) Political Broadcast by Tory Marginal 16) Vocational Guidance Counsellor (Live In ‘Hope FM’) 17) Olympic Report – Extra 18) All Things Must Pass
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