Radio Boscombe – ‘Before The 4-Track – The Best Of The Mid Eighties’ (2010)


Retrospective compilation! Over an hour of the best material from the groups previous incarnations, 1986-1987. ‘Parental advisory’ due to occasional colourful language. See Radio Boscombe Page .

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TRACK LISTING: 1) What The papers Didn’t Say 2) Scot’s Ambassador 3) Deaf Aid 4) Noddy Goes To Stalingrad 5) Married Man Blues 6) Hospital Admissions Sketch 7) We Were At School Together 8) Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Temp 9) Touch Me, Touch Me, I Want It Now 10) Car Accident 11) Courier Sketch 12) My Children Don’t Understand Me 13) More Bloody EastEnders 14) Ratings 15) Thatcher Is Innocent 16) Two Northern Housewives 17) National Emergency 18) Treasure Hunt 19) No Way Out 20) Professional Foul 21) Customs Sketch 22) Mission Impossible 23) Depression 24) Afternoon Bonus 25) The Long Intro
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