Radio Boscombe – ‘Bat Out Of Hull Too’ (1994)


The eleventh and final-plus-five Radio Boscombe album. Remastered version of the original 1994 cassette album. 2021 re-masters by Barry The Hedgehog, Kitz Prickle and Jezza The Red Squirrel. See Radio Boscombe Page .



CONTENTS: 1) Charles Windsor – Prince Of Wales 2) Middle Class Hero 3) Film Club 4) Pearl Of The Avon Revisited 5) Confession 6) Fairytale Of New York 7) HIV Test 8) The White Cliffs Of Munich 9) Tribute To Eurovision 10) Green Police 11) Ringwood Cop 12) Work Experience 13) Intermission 14) Announcement 15) Art For Art’s Sake 16) Un Shal Matok (The Stars Look Down) 17) 69 Squadron 18) Doctor Sketch II 19) Brunettes 20) Boat Show 21) Town Planning Today Pt. 1 22) Sunday Trading 23) Radio Boscombe – The Rock Opera a) We’re Radio Boscombe b) Pub Song c) Nice G. d) My Woman e) The End Of The Film
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