Project X – ‘The Unreleased’ (2022)


Charity release of previously unreleased material. All proceeds to The Brain Tumor Trust . Want to know more? Webpage Project X .



CONTENTS: 1) Olympic Report (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 2) Divorce 3) Girls Night In 2 4) California Boys 5) Patent Office (Original Version) 6) Paint An Elephant (Song) 7) Politics, Baby 8) Tony’s Comeback Night 9) Sharpe’s Pride And Prejudice 10) Call Line 11) The Tour Guide 12) The Lost Lenin Tapes (Martin George Edit) 13) Crufts 14) Contempt 15) Mistaken Identity 16) Slough, Part Two (Instrumental) 17) Peacekeepers 18) Need A Loan (Beeped Demo) 19) Grandad’s Saturday Night Takeaway (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 20) Issues 21) OOUB40 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 22) Working Class Hero 23) BLANK BUFFER TRACK 24) BONUS Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life
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