Project X – ‘It Only Smells Because It’s New’ (2006)


The first CD of songs and comedy from Project X – over an hour of digitally mastered and recorded material. See Project X Page . Parental advisory due to colourful metaphor – and as a parent Gary advises you to buy it!

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Where’s Gandalf 1 2) Stylo France 3) Accident Insurance 4) Scaramanga Goes To The Estate Agents 5) Johnny Cash Shopping 6) The Kulture Show 7) Where’s Gandalf 2 8) Patent Office 9) Mutually Assured Seduction 10) Oscars 11) The Heavens Above Show 12) Mr Jizz 13) Beer Careful 14) Paint An Elephant 15) Where’s Gandalf 3
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