‘My Little Brexit’ (2021) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION


A topical various artist’s comedy compilation to laugh along with… as the UK disintegrates… and descends into Third World rogue-state status. Thanks to all the artists who’ve contributed to this CD. All proceeds towards paying their export costs.



1) RADIO BOSCOMBE Common Agricultural Policy II 2) ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER 19 (Election Mix) 3) RADIO BOSCOMBE Eurosceptics 4) ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER I Hate MPS 5) RADIO BOSCOMBE Stuff The Bankers (Demo) 6) MRS WHITE’S BOYS UKID 7) RADIO BOSCOMBE Election 8) GARY MITCHELL Charlie Brown’s Brexit 9) RADIO BOSCOMBE Tory Marginal On Brexit (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 10) GARY MITCHELL Brexit (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 11) RADIO BOSCOMBE The Politics Slot March 2018 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 12) RADIO BOSCOMBE GDPR 13) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Political One 14) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Petrol Station Brexit 15) ANGELA’S TORTOISE The Four Brexiteers 16) GARY MITCHELL The Ministry Of Brexit, Pt 1 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 17) RADIO BOSCOMBE Who Do You Think You Are Kidding David Davis? 18) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Royal Evacuation 19) RADIO BOSCOMBE Exit From Brexit 20) RADIO BOSCOMBE Gimme My Brexit 21) GARY MITCHELL The Ministry Of Brexit, Pt 2 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 22) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Brexit Soaps 23) GARY MITCHELL UK Final Season (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 24) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Irish Border 25) RADIO BOSCOMBE Brexit In America by SuperTrump 26) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Trade Envoy 27) ANGELA’S TORTOISE Ready Brexit 28) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Another BBC3 Reality Show 29) MRS WHITE’S BOYS Cake Off 30) ANGELA’S TORTOISE British Covid 31) ANGELA’S TORTOISE And Finally… 32) RADIO BOSCOMBE Eternal Flame

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