Mitchell & Smith – ‘Back From The U.S.S.R.’ (1992)


Remastered version of the original 1992 cassette album. 2021 re-masters by Barry The Hedgehog, Kitz Prickle and Jezza The Red Squirrel. Remastered sleeve by V.I. Lenin. See Current Comedy .



CONTENTS: 1) Party Political Broadcast 2) Chanson Francais (Theme From ‘The Official French Republic Party Album’) 3) Confession 4) T.S.R.E. 5) Fame Relief 6) (Please Can I Be) Julia Roberts (When I Grow Up) 7) Paradox Of Duality 8) Complicated Girl 9) Mark And Linda 10) Town Planning Today Pt.2 11) Not Just Yet 12) Art For Art’s Sake 13) Once Upon A Time 14) Hymn Number 237 15) School Sketch 16) Sainsbury’s Blues (Live In New Orleans) 17) How To Use a Bank 18) Apology
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