Radio Boscombe – ‘Live At ‘Hope FM’ – Vol 7 (2015)


Yet yetta yet yet yet another collection of improv, sketches and comedy classic covers! See Radio Boscombe page.



Track listing: Cornish Apology 2) George’s Passport 3) Hospital Sketch WITH SAM HUTCHINSON & JASMINE NEWSOME STONE 4) Tim’s Trip To Rome 5) Media News Report 6) Lozza’s Panto 7) Politics Slot #7 With Tory Marginal WITH DAVID WYLIE 8) Lozza’s Thumb 9) Interview With Tory Marginal 10) Be Kind To Traffic Wardens 11) Maths Chef 12) Angry Poet Vs Coralie Knight WITH CORALIE KNIGHT 13) Taylor Slow Record Ad 14) It Would Never Have Worked 15) 4 X 4 Mums (Return) 16) The DWP Catch Up With Barry The Hedgehog 17) Math’s Phobia (Abridged) 18) Dog Shaming And Shame Shaming 19) Your Problem Now (Poem) 20) Scots Referendum Sketch 21) Anthony Fairweather Versus Angry Poet WITH ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER 22) State Handover Of ‘Livewire Live’
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