The Drunkards – ‘Live & Posthumous’ (2020)


An exclusive set of career-spanning archival live recordings from stage and radio, all in aid of 'Comic Relief', brought forward for release during the COVID emergency.



Track listing: 1) Mixed Infants Sports Day 2) LIVE – AFTER CHUCKING OUT TIME BOURNEMOUTH Sick Man Blues / On Eltley Moor / Dambusters Theme / The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine / Ernie – The Fastest Milkman in the West / Fever / The Long Intro 3) LIVE – AT THE GREEN DRAGON STRATFORD-UPON-AVON Take Off Your Knickers For Me / Court A Young Virgin / Content In Wonder / To Be Repeated As Necessary / The Ballad Of The Wogler’s Mouley / The House Of The Rising Sun / The House Of Commons Cleaner / Lumberjack Song / Tim The Gekko / Yellow Submarine / Backward 4) Ubiquitous Referendum 5) Casualty Ward 6) Now Simkins… 7) Confusion 8) Mountain Rescue 9) Target For Tonight 10) Tim The Gekko 11) Cool For Cats 12) To Pauline 13) BLANK BUFFER TRACK BEFORE BONUS 14) Harry’s Best Man’s Speech

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