Gary Mitchell – ‘Suddenly… I’m An Award Winning Novelist!’ (2005)


A double CD – over two hours!!! – of readings from Gary's novels and work, plus bonus live tracks of music, stand-up, and new readings of past glories. Includes podcasts and an exclusive 'Avon' story. 'Missing Live 8' that will not appear elsewhere. The ideal introduction, the full-width of Mitchellania – and so little colourful language it's not even 'parental advisory'! See Gary Solo.

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‘…in his first solo recording… Mitchell explores the boundary between the audio book and the radio production, the schizophrenia of the author and performance artist, his past and his future direction in an crossroads present…’ (‘MME’)
TRACKLISTING: CD 1 – 1) Podcasting 2) ‘Jamming With The Beatles’ from ‘Don’t Fall In Love Too Quickly – Band On A Mission’ 3) ‘Crossing To Mona’ from ‘Pax Romana’ 4) Extract from Chapter 1 – ‘Love On A Branch Line’ 5) ‘Jack-Out-Of-The-Box’ from ‘The Great American Novel’ 6) ‘The Field Trip’ ancestor of ‘Green And Pleasant Land – Book V – Eight Form Entry’ 7) ‘Planet Karr’ from ‘Space Vixens From Mars – Episode 18 – Republic In Peril’. CD 2 – 1) Extract from Chapter 30 – ‘The Legend Of Arthur’ 2) ‘Don’t Fall In Love Too Quickly – Missing Live 8’ SPECIAL STORY – ONLY AVAILABLE ON THIS CD 3) BUFFER (Blank Track) 4) A Day In Stratford (BONUS TRACK – includes original Drunkards recording) 5) The Long Overdue (BONUS TRACK) 6) A Typical Saturday Night In An England Long Gone (Revisited) (BONUS TRACK – includes original Radio Boscombe recording) 7) Live In Tunbridge Wells, 1997 (BONUS TRACK) 8) ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ Live, 1998 (BONUS TRACK)
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