Gary Mitchell – ‘Only Myself To Blame’ (2023) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION


Poetry and song from the man of whom many say, ‘is he STILL alive?’



CONTENTS: 1) Rant Number One 2) My Love 3) The Kids Are Alright 4) The Ides Of March (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 5) Fifty Shades Of Grey 6) Go Buddy Go 7) April Fool 8) Bloody Buses (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 9) Does Your Mother Know? 10) Dorset Voices 11) Unrecorded Blue (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 12) Junior’s Farm 13) There’s Been A Lot In The News Recently (2021) 14) Mayday, Mayday 15) Bus Stop 16) Fire And Fury 17) Independence Day 18) Made In England 19) Young People These Days 20) Mary, Queen Of Spots (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 21) Poem For My Sweetheart 22) Grapes That Taste Like Candyfloss 23) West Moors 24) BLANK BUFFER TRACK 25) BONUS Lonely This Christmas 26) BONUS Another Door In The Stable Bolted (Pts 1 To 3)
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