Gary Mitchell – ‘Life In The Old Git Yet’ (2014)


Over and hour of sketches and music – some covers – in Gary's first (im)proper solo album. So little colourful language it's not even 'parental advisory' – includes tasteful sleeve notes from top producer and bon vivieur Barry The Hedgehog



CONTENTS: 1) British Beaches 2) Airport Announcements 3) Blonde Actress Explains Cheating 4) Eighteen* 5) EuroEnglish 6) Non Vicious Studio Chatter 7) Jesus Teaches About The Good Samaritan 8) Paint It Blue 9) Uxbridge Man 10) Fluctuations 11) An Obituary For Common Sense 12) Nothing Ever Happens 13) Working From Home 14) Aspiring 15) My Black Berry Is Not Working 16) Toothpaste Smile* 17) Celebrity Arrest 18) EL James Does Bosworth 19) BUFFER (Blank track before bonus material) 20) Valerie (Demo)* 21) Hark The Herald Angels Sing (Live At ‘The Featherstone Arms’ 13/12/13)+

* With Olivia Mitchell + With The Numpties

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