Gary Mitchell – ‘Boogie Wonderland’ (2018)


Over and hour of sketches and music – some covers – most live – in Gary's secondish solo album. So… expect some colourful language and explicit references to 'Brexit'.



CONTENTS: 1) Star Wars Intro (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 2) Induction (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 3) Cornish Live Link-Up (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 4) God Bless 5) The Ministry Of Brexit, Pt 1 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 6) Star Wars And Peace (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 7) Boogie Wonderland 8) Appen Ab Kernow, Pt 3 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 9) Brexit (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 10) European Gig Guide (Live On ‘Forest FM’) 11) National Poetry Day (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 12) Oldie Yakety Yak 13) Chaos (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 14) Purbeck Service Broadcasting #1 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 15) Song Of The Volksturm 16) The Rock And The Hard Place (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 17) Pirate Weather (Live On ‘Forest FM’) 18) The Ministry Of Brexit, Pt 2 (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 19) How To Write Dead Good Poetry (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 20) Taylor Swift – A Socratic Dialogue (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 21) Girlfriends In The Wild 22) Parlez-Vous Politics (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 23) Charlie Brown’s Brexit 24) Appeal (2017 Version) (Live On ‘Hope Fm’) 25) Have You Heard About Richard? (Live On ‘Hope FM’) 26) BUFFER (Blank track before bonus material) 27) The Spilt 28) When A Knight Won His Spurs
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