Don’t Fall In Love Too Quickly – Reunification (2002)


'Don't Fall In Love Too Quickly' is the ongoing saga of Anglo-American rock band 'Avon'. The story runs from the 'New Wave' explosion of the 1970's to the present and beyond. Each volume is written to stand alone and as part of the band's continuing odyssey.

In 'Reunification' Avon take their big chance supporting The Pink Flamingos. Although the tour is a success things soon start to go wrong. Kevin is arrested for murder, losing them their record deal. Indeed bad publicity and negative media reaction suggests obscurity beckons as, compounded by personal problems, Avon fall into disarray. With Steve's duties with The Flamingos over Dave presses for him to re-join the band, a development Abby resists. She 'escapes' to be with her new love Rick. Forced to take charge Dave arranges for Steve to rejoin Avon whilst Abby is incommunicado and he repays the compliment by influencing The Flamingo's management to sign the band for altruistic and taxation reasons. Abby is presented with a fait accompli: Steve is back in the band. Avon are now a quartet.

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