Don’t Fall In Love Too Quickly – Parallel Lives (2000)


'Don't Fall In Love Too Quickly' is the ongoing saga of Anglo-American rock band 'Avon'. The story runs from the 'New Wave' explosion of the 1970's to the present and beyond. Each volume is written to stand alone and as part of the band's continuing odyssey.

In 'Parallel Lives' Steve moves to London. Abby approaches Dave and Mike about joining Avon. Initially skeptical they take her on and discover the combination works better than anyone could have hoped. The band prospers enough around the Birmingham circuit to finance the first record, which attracts some radio
interest. Steve, meanwhile, is enjoying an exciting social life in London where he becomes involved with Kate Newsome, younger sister of Charlie Newsome, leader of legendary sixties band 'The Pink Flamingos'. Avon are'spotted' by music journalist Kevin Day and as a result of a deliberate affair with Abby – and despite Dave's resistance – he manipulates the band into making him their manager.

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