Don’t Fall In Love Too Quickly – Explosion (2002)


'Don't Fall In Love Too Quickly' is the ongoing saga of Anglo-American rock band 'Avon'. The story runs from the 'New Wave' explosion of the 1970's to the present and beyond. Each volume is written to stand alone and as part of the band's continuing odyssey.

'Explosion'completes the story of the first phase of Avon's career. They record the classic single 'Don't Fall In Love Too Quickly' which becomes their first hit. They are now pushed through a grueling promotion schedule, the sharp end of a steep learning curve. Just as success seems assured Steve is embarrassed by a skeleton from the past and Abby threatened with deportation to the States. Kate's unreasoning jealousy forces Steve to leave her but Abby is saved by a 'marriage of convenience' to Rick, which quickly becomes the love match she has always craved. Dave pursues his plans to marry his childhood sweetheart Debbie whilst personal happiness continues to elude Mike. Avon have further hits and as a successful group must now live life at the gallop. They make a TV special, play in front of royalty, plan their first album, and are touted as one of the emerging bands. Losing out on a number one spot to pop rivals Minx they are offered a prestigious gig supporting Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. Whilst securing this latest triumph Abby's happiness with Rick is tragically destroyed by a vengeful Kate Newsome…

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