Don’t Fall In Love Too Quickly – Emergence (2001)


'Don't Fall In Love Too Quickly' is the ongoing saga of Anglo-American rock band 'Avon'. The story runs from the 'New Wave' explosion of the 1970's to the present and beyond. Each volume is written to stand alone and as part of the band's continuing odyssey.

Hearing of Avon's success in 'Emergence' Steve decides he wants to get back into music, something Kate (with a long history of rock excess) seeks to prevent. His relationship with her now pays an unexpected dividend as he finds himself deputising on TV for The Flamingo's overdosed guitarist. By devious methods Kevin gains Avon coverage in the music press and they conclude their first proper tour, supporting The Skunks. Abby discovers Kevin has manipulated her affections and her reaction is predictably ballistic. Knowing to keep the band he must deliver on his promises Kevin works at getting them a record deal. Over New Year 1977-78 Avon play their first London showcase and Abby meets wacky TV comedian Rick Brewer. Steve and Kate, meanwhile, stay at Charlie Newsome's mansion over the Holiday. With the Flamingo's guitarist again overdosing Steve is recruited as temporary substitute. When their support band pulls out he suggests Avon as replacements. Kevin, meanwhile, thinks he has finally maneuvered a record deal…

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