Don’t Fall In Love Too Quickly – Betrayal (2000)


'Don't Fall In Love Too Quickly' is the ongoing saga of Anglo-American rock band 'Avon'. The story runs from the 'New Wave' explosion of the 1970's to the present and beyond. Each volume is written to stand alone and as part of the band's continuing odyssey.

In 'Betrayal' Abby and Steve fall in love and begin an intense musical and personal affair before she returns to New York. As the band build a following Dave and Mike become increasingly ambitious whilst Steve is happy with his day-job in the new science of computing. By early 1977 Avon are trying – unsuccessfully – to graduate onto the Birmingham circuit. Unhappy in New York Abby returns to England to renew her career,
only to find Steve has been duplicitous with her affections. She contrives to humiliate him, a contributory cause of Steve leaving the band to work in London. Abby vows her 'revenge' – to stay in England and replace Steve in a successful Avon.

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