Radio Boscombe – ‘Back To Square One – A Daring Exposee Of Life In Bournemouth Cafe Society’ (1986)


Radio Boscombe’s first album. Parental advisory – not totally radio friendly! Exclusively edited and re-produced by Barry T. Hedgehog. See Radio Boscombe Page .



TRACK LISTING: 1) Back To Square One (Disco ’74) 2) The Country Dairy Of An Elizabethan Lady 3) Match Report One 4) First Love Never Lives (7” Version) 5) What The Papers Didn’t Say 6) Fred Violent And The Cretins – Punk To Peasant 7) Match Report Two 8) Lift 9) Playwright’s Son 10) Terry 11) Murderer’s Hour 12) Match Report Three 13) William Rufus State Visit To Holdenhurst 14) Blind Date 15) Take-Away 16) First Love Never Lives (12” Version) 17) A Typical Day At Bournemouth Town Hall 18) Match Report Four 19) Wife Swapping In Ferndown 20) Back To Square One (Disco ’74) Part 2
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