Another Lost Weekend (2004)


‘Another Lost Weekend’ is a story with a true story. A sad story, actually.

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‘Another Lost Weekend’ is a story with a true story. A sad story, actually.

In the Summer of 1999 my family and I went to Leicestershire to stay with Tim Norwood, a beloved friend for twenty years. Amongst other things we discussed my ‘new career’ as a novelist.

The vice-less Tim sportingly wagered I could never include ‘him’ in a story.
Not one to ignore a challenge I vowed to respond by typing a tale when I returned home. I recall my youngest daughter fell ill, and we were obliged to leave Tugby early. Upon my return to Bournemouth I duly composed and forwarded the draft of the below piece to win the bet. Tim, being Tim, was slightly bemused, thanked me for my efforts, and benignly corrected my errors concerning his work in NMR. Sadly we never met again. Tim died in an undeserved road traffic accident in November, just before the millennium, a loss to us all.

Consequently I pondered what to do with the tale for some time. Five years it has lain on file, but now I publish the polished draft here, on the Net, a sample of my work and a memorandum of Tim. Please read and enjoy this yarn and – wherever you live – feel free to make a contribution to the Air Ambulance Service, who made such an effort to keep Tim with us.

No portion of this item may be used without my consent – to request this mail me at .
Gary Mitchell, Bournemouth, UK, Dec. 2004.

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