Angela’s Tortoise – ‘Teenage Wasteland’ (2022)


Musical concept album paradoxing the endless pretention of birth, alienation, God-realisation and obliteration…



CONTENTS: SIDE 1 1) Prelude To Mortality 2) Another Door In The Stable Bolted (Pts 1 To 3) 3) Existential Loss 4) Dyscotopia (Kant Touch This) 5) The Ballad Of Richard III (On Ice) 6) The Sound Of One Foot Kicking SIDE 2 1) Serious Moonlight 2) Medieval Overdrive 3) Except Trafalgar 4) Roger The Librarian 5) No Time To Spy 6) Spice In The Wind 7) Teenage Wasteland BONUS MATERIAL Untitled Retrospective
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