Angela’s Tortoise – ‘Lockdown’ (2020)


An hour of sketches and music in cutting edge ‘progcom’. Expect some colourful language and explicit references to the miasma…



CONTENTS: 1) Hit Covid For Six 2) Charity 3) Das Booten Larken 4) For My Kind Ocean 5) Moderation In All Things 6) Britain Wins Eurovirus Contest 7) My Cougar’s Keeper 8) Lockdown ‘Film Week’ 9) Alternate Title 10) Secret RAF Bases 11) Sonnet To A Vampira 12) The Real Housewives Of Basingstoke 13) Game Of Grades 14) The Police Sketch 15) The Orange Stranger 16) World In Acton 2 17) The Fletchers, Episode 299 18) Holiday Escape 19) Track And Trace 20) Leicestershire Cub Scout Death Squad
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