Angela’s Tortoise – ‘Hibernia’ (2024) DIGITAL DOWLOAD VERSION


The lads cover the sketches of Foil, Arms & Hog… so you don’t have to!! Sold in aid of In aid of 'Children In Need'. If you require a hard copy version please email us.



CONTENTS: 1) Why They Called It Omicron 2) Grandma’s Disciplinary 3) Car Insurance Rage 4) Confessing Sins To Your Fitness Trainer 5) Gambling Versus Shares 6) Getting Past German Immigration 7) If Countries Were Coffees 8) When You Get Your Energy Bill 9) Influencer Dad In Family Therapy 10) Lying On Your C.V. Is Easy 11) Making Friends As A Adult 12) Millennials In the Future 13) If Governments Were Ships 14) Newsreader Does a Funeral Eulogy 15) A Vicar Applies For A Different Job 16) When You Can’t Handle A Hangover 17) Politics – The Board Game 1 21) There Goes the Neighbourhood… 22) When Your parents Get A New Phone 23) BLANK BUFFER TRACK BEFORE BONUS 24) Santa 25) School Shakespeare
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