Angela’s Tortoise – ‘Everyday Value’ (2023) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION


The Tort’s fourth album – ‘Everyday Value’ – with the legendary Tom Mason of the legendary Pink Flamingos as their legendary co-producer is again a concept on the wacky world of local radio and alien intervention.



CONTENTS: 1) The Pink Panzer – Emergency Historian 2) Welcome To ‘Wight Radio’ 3) Be Aware 4) I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) 5) An Inspector Calls 6) How To Talk To Girls 7) Pretty Vacant 8) Doom 9) Panoramanama 10) Marvin Gaye Goes Into Currys 11) ‘Wight Radio’ Sports Report 12) Coming Of Age 13) Carer Ad 14) ‘Living In The Past’, Module 27 15) ‘Wight Radio’ Gig Guide 16) Be Prepared 17) Government Information 18) White Rabbit 19) Emergency Measures 20) Para-Psychology 21) Finto
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