It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that when the sun goes down Anne Bronte and her chums at ‘St Ravenhell’s’ crack open the best beach parties in the five galaxies – so bring your cider and your mates and come along and ‘trip’ with us, out on the wildy, windy moors of East Dorset… Check da link above for all da latest on da staff and kidz in da hood at ‘St R’s’ – including regular bear warnings.

Infomational PDF here Ravenhell.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We all want to have a laugh and a good time but – after a recent unfortunate incident – anyone caught irresponsibly looming – or encouraging under 16s to loom – will be reported to ‘Wessex Police’.

CDs ‘Anne Bronte’s Beach Party Anthems’ and ‘The Bronte Sisters – Hits 1962-1968’ – available NOW! Visit Recordings.

For MP4s visit Gary’s YouTube channel.

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